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Business MasterMinds.

engaging business intelligence.

Clarity. Empowerment. Peace of mind. 

We have a genuine interest in the growth and success of your clients. We know what its like to run a business - especially a small and start up business. So naturally, we want to see other business owners succeed by gaining clarity and empowerment through shared knowledge and experiences.


Roundtables. Workshops. Communities. 

We design white label business programs to foster communities of business people through structured roundtables, workshops or courses. They are designed to share ideas, experiences, successes, challenges and knowledge – together.

We believe that by working together, we create more than when we work alone.


Everything you need to help them grow. 

BMM offers a range of white label business programs to suit your client base. From off the shelf programs to bespoke services – all designed to deliver quality entrepreneurial thinking, business emotional intelligence and business acumen that will help them expand their knowledge base, solve challenges and successfully grow their business.



Bespoke or Off the shelf.


We know every business is unique. So we create bespoke white label programs to suit your clients and their needs. We use a system we call DADD - Diagnostics, Analysis, Design & Delivery to get a full picture of your client base.

We can train your own in-house facilitator or you can use one of our many experienced facilitators to deliver the programs for you.


Off the shelf.

We have a library of white label programs ready to go at a click of a button. This means you can be up and running your first roundtable, workshop or course the next day. 

But of course, if you are looking for something a little more tailored, let us know.



Our DADD System:



We talk to a cross section of your clients to get an understanding of who they are, what type of business they are in and what they are looking for to help them successfully grow their business.



Following the diagnostic stage, we compile and present an analysis report based on the selected clients. The report helps us with designing invaluable roundtable programs that talk directly to your clients.



Based on your clients feedback we design white label roundtable programs that will engage and empower your clients during the roundtable sessions.



We help you deliver the white label roundtable programs. We create delivery schedules that allows you to train your own facilitator or use one of our many expert facilitators to deliver the white label program to your clients.


Success comes in many forms. But we 

 have seen businesses grow from zero turnover 

to over $1 million+ per year in revenue.



Meet Eamon Eastwood.

Founder and MD of Taste Ireland. Eamon was also one of our founding members who started with us, all the way back in 2008.

Over the past six years, we've been fortunate, to have such a close view, where we've watched him grow as an entrepreneur and also watch him grow his business too.

Eamon's one of those people, who continuously learn, always stretching himself outside his comfort zone. Whilst this is his first entrepreneurial venture, we're certain he'll start and grow other successful ventures in the future too.

Eamon found our BMM Roundtables to be "a cost effective way for small business owners to have their very own board of directors / advisors".


Benefits of partnering with Us.


New Client Acquisition


Increase client retention



Additional revenue stream


Increase service conversion



Unique selling proposition


Convenient plug & play service




 Fast track your clients business growth


Highly engaged clients





Another way to work.

The Business MasterMinds white label program enables you to work with your clients  in another way - outside of your core business. Our Roundtable programs are a great way for you to engage with new and existing clients face to face.


Build a Community. Watch business grow.

Be the agent of change. By using the white label program you can be the catalyst for your clients grow and success. Build a community and watch business grow – yours and theirs. 


Are you a business coach or mentor? Run a co-working space? 

Or do you have virtual or serviced office clients? 

Partner with Business MasterMinds.


Your services. Your clients. Our programs.

The Business MasterMinds roundtable sessions are designed to be white label programs. This means that your clients work with you and not with us. We design the programs for you to complement your other services for your clients.


Why Business MasterMinds.

  1. We have 5+ Years prototyping/ know what works, what doesn't
  2. We understand your target audience
  3. We've built it with your convenience in mind
  4. We research, analysis and collate your feasibility report
  5. We know how to engage a strong community