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Business MasterMinds.

engaging business intelligence.

Powerful, proven programs
Connect your clients, grow your businesses. 

We run a
Get new clients – and inspire your existing ones. Boost your client retention. And build a strong, collaborative community.

Save time and money with our plug-and-play programs.

We run a
Engage your network. Attract new businesses – and help them thrive. Plus, grow a profitable revenue stream.

Our plug-and-play programs make it easy and affordable.

We run a
Fast-track prospects to virtual membership. Add a profitable revenue stream. And bring together remarkable minds.

A convenient custom program. Ask us to host it for you.


We love building business communities. And we’ve been doing it for almost a decade 
– with a lot of trial and error – so we know what works and what doesn’t. 
Here’s what our community said – and what yours could too: 

I really value being able to meet like minded business people on a weekly basis and table my challenges and gain new insights and solutions.  
A cost effective way for small business owners to have their very own board of advisors...
Eamon Eastwood, Taste Ireland.
"This is a very different kind of networking experience to any I've experienced before. It's founded on ideas rather than referrals. It's about a group of like-minded individuals sharing ideas that can make a difference...
Justin J Cooper, Founder at The Brand Factory.
"A weekly injection of business acumen. BMM encourages me to think outside the square when developing my business strategy and practices, and inspires me to put those plans into action. What's more, it's a great way to start the last day of the week – breakfast with an interesting and motivated group of businesspeople."  
Caroline McDevitt, Writewords.

"It inspires, supports, enables and encourages me to be the best that I can be in many ways." 
Carmen Lee Platt, Encapture Photography. 

"A fantastic follow up to last week’s creative session today.  Thank you.  I truly enjoy our catch up, the coming together of the minds, the banter and the tid bits that gets bandied around is fantastic." 
Sam Ghoreyshi, Moneyclip Group of Companies.
"It works more as a community than a business function, people pull together for a common cause. That is very unique."  
Simon Franklin, Partner at Dequity Partners Pty Ltd.

"I get to connect with like minded people who are very supportive and offer unique and different perspectives to me. I walk away every week with some new knowledge under my belt and am left inspired by the potential of my business. It is like having your own personal management team to consult with!"
Debbie Pask, Director at Tick Boxer.
"The sessions are a fantastic way to develop your personal and business skills and meet some really great people at the same time. BMM is a far more rewarding experience than the directionless "wham bam" networking groups that tend to proliferate."
Craig Colnan, Bluefly IT.
"BMM provides you the opportunity to extend your problem solving skills by bringing issues to the table each week and gaining feedback from the variety of people. Attending this business meeting has helped transform my business and given me so many fresh approaches I can hardly keep up."
Matthew Vasilescu, Matthew Vasilescu Photography.

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